St Canice's School

Our school uniform is a means of providing a sense of identity and maintaining a high standard of presentation. The St Canice’s School uniform is compulsory for all students.

Uniforms are available at NZ uniforms online. Follow the link at the bottom of this page.

Our uniform includes a unisex top and polar fleece, and your choice of bottoms as available at NZ Uniforms.
Socks can either be navy or white.
Shoes must be black.

The school office often has some second-hand uniforms that have been donated by our generous whanau. These are for new enrolments if suitable sizes are available, so please enquire at the school office upon confirmation of your enrolment.

Sports Uniform
Shorts/Cycle Pants: Navy (Style 33734)
T-shirt: Navy with St. Canice’s printed on the back
Shoes: Suitable sports shoes

Sports uniform tops are available for purchase at the school office.

Additional uniform information

Children are ALL expected to wear the correct uniform as set out in the Schedule.

School sunhat must be worn in Term 1 and 4. This can also be purchased from NZ uniforms.

All items are to be named, worn correctly when attending school, travelling to and from school, and when representing the school at functions or sporting events.

Junior Students may wear full P.E. uniform to school on days that their classroom teacher has requested when they have P.E. or outdoor active activities planned.

Senior students must wear full school uniform to school every day and bring P.E. uniform to school to change into for P.E. lessons.

If students are participating in a school sporting event, they (Seniors and Juniors) may come to school in the relevant sports/P.E. uniform for the day.

Should a child need to wear non-school uniform items they need to follow these steps:

1) Bring a note from home explaining reasoning.

2) Present the note to their teacher before school or at morning tea at the latest.

3) Carry the Uniform Pass issued as needed.

If a pattern emerges with students not in correct uniform, the class teacher may be in touch to offer support.

Only watches and plain ear studs or small plain sleepers are allowed. No other jewellery, adornment or other items of clothing are to be worn with school uniform.

No make-up is to be worn by school children wearing school uniform. This is inclusive of nail polish.