St Canice's School

Religious Education

Special Character & Religious Education

Through the special character and Religious Education at our school, we have Jesus Christ as our focus. Our aim is to assist children to develop a relationship with God and to integrate their faith, life and culture. We provide opportunities for stewardship and contribution to our school and wider community.

A part of our Catholic Character, we work to be the best we can in every aspect of life. Prayer is important to our daily life at school and we actively participate in church liturgies. The sacramental programme involves parents, school and parish for students who wish to further strengthen their faith and relationship with God. Students will develop appropriate knowledge, skills, attitudes and values through teaching and learning experiences within the learning strands of: God, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, Church, Sacrament, Communion of Saints, Liturgical Year and Prayer.

Our special character is an integral part of school life. It is expressed and developed through the building of positive partnerships within our kura and parish, and using our gifts for the service of the common good.